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The animal says... read with Cued Speech

Cued Speech UK makes spoken language visible for deaf babies, children and adults.

Carly Simpson – Cued Speech Regional Adviser for Cued Speech UK, has filmed ‘The animal says…’ so that it can be enjoyed by the deaf community.

Carly says, “Cued speech is a way of helping a deaf child to see what you are saying, it really helps lip reading. 

Lip reading is difficult. If you are deaf you have to rely heavily on lip reading to understand English and that is really hard for lots of reasons but mainly because most of the words look the same!  So, cueing uses hand shapes close to the face to show a difference.

This can allow a deaf person to see everything that you're saying, just as if you were adding subtitles. 

Choosing to cue is about ensuring as best as possible that a deaf child does not feel like they are being left out from their hearing family and community.  With Cued Speech deaf children are able to learn the same language their hearing family use.  If deaf children are able to understand and communicate with their families and friends, they can express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in the same language as them.   


If you want a deaf child to see what you are saying, cueing puts the language into your hands.

Cued Speech Video: Video
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