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'The animal says. . .'

Written and illustrated by Debra Wellington

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From Buzz to Zzz. . .

From an army of frogs, to pooping sloths,
'The animal says. . .' brings ten chatty animals to life with colourful illustrations and interesting facts for young readers.

Your little ones will love making the animal sounds with you, helping to promote their physical, emotional and cognitive development along the way.

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Let me tell you a little more about this fab little non-fiction text - The animal says...

Firstly, we love the different eyes popping out of the lettering on the front cover inviting you to take a peep inside and discover who is within. The style of illustration draws my mind to those of the incredible Eric Carle; a style so appealing and accessible to children. There’s a fun nature to the design of each character and they’d be an ideal starting point for an art project; something for home or school.



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